Head office - Seureca

78 rue Championnet
75018 Paris FRANCE

Tel: +33 1 45 72 92 92
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SEURECA in Northern Africa

SEURECA assisted Veolia Water Morocco in starting up its concession contracts for the supply of water and power in Rabat, Tangier and Tetouan, notably by updating the water and waste water master plans, as well as performing numerous technical assistance assignments. SEURECA has also carried out many assignments for municipal water companies and for the National Office of Potable Water (ONEP).

In Algeria, SEURECA performs many projects, notably including audits of water and waste water networks in medium-sized cities.

SEURECA in Central africa

SEURECA has been solidly installed in French-speaking Central Africa since 2003, when we took over the responsibility for engineering studies under Veolia's concession contract for the supply of water and power in Libreville (the SEEG Company).

SEURECA anchored its development in Gabon by creating a subsidiary, Seureca Af (SAf), in April 2005.

SEURECA also carries out projects in many other Central African countries, such as: Togo, Cameroun, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo-Kinshasa), Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) and Angola.

SEURECA in East Africa

SEURECA has been present in East Africa for 30 years, notably through our large regional office in Nairobi (Kenya), which allows us to have a regional presence for numerous projects in the East African region (Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique...). In 2006, the Nairobi office was transformed into a wholly-owned subsidiary called Seureca East Africa Ltd. (SEAL).